Living Funeral

Why wait for death to gather your loved ones around you?  A Living Funeral is a celebration of your life and the journey that you have shared with others.

Why wait for death to tell your terminally ill friend or family member that you love them and say good-bye?  Why wait for death to have a beautiful ceremony and tell those heartwarming stories?

Consider a Living Funeral as a golden opportunity to gather family and friends together to say farewell, give away the treasures of a lifetime, sing those touching songs and say what is in your heart.

A living funeral gives the person a chance to come to terms with their death and make peace with themselves and others. The living funeral gives surviving friends and family a chance to share their grief with others.

Everyone is happier for having had the chance to share beautiful words and memories about the loved one .  This is an very comforting and touching, often humorous occasion that leaves everyone smiling and feeling better, although undoubtedly a sad one.

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