Funerals for the Unborn

Funerals for Miscarriage and Stillbirth

We do not grieve in proportion to to what is lost,  we grieve with our whole hearts.  A pregnancy is a child with a future in our hearts.  Your child’s life may have been short but you have all been on the journey of life together.  You have opened the doors to your life wide and welcoming and now death has shut that door.

It may be very difficult to find an appropriate way to express our sorrow for a miscarriage.  Often no one else even knows that you were pregnant.  A couple who experiences miscarriage or even still birth is often denied the opportunity to grief their loss.  They are often encouraged to just move on.  There is no funeral, no mourning, no symbol of their sorrow.

Together we can craft a ceremony that honors and celebrates your lost child.  Every situation is different but there are many ways to create a memorial for an unborn child.  We can plan a naming ceremony; if there are remains an interment ceremony would be appropriate; or we can create a memorial work of art or box.

Ceremony can be very helpful in the grieving process.

Let the Healing begin, let’s talk about a ceremony for your child.

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