Personalized Funeral & Memorial Service

Creating Personalized Funerals and Memorial Services in Cincinnati

Please accept my condolences.  When a loved one dies there so many things to consider, so many details that require your attention.

In perhaps one of the most difficult times in your life you are also suddenly faced with the need to plan a funeral or memorial service, creating a meaningful tribute, an End of Life Ceremony for your loved one.

As a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I can create with you that unique tribute that reflects the life, the loves, the accomplishments and the values of your family and your loved one.  Through a process of careful, thoughtful listening and research I will design a ceremony that honors their life.

I will meet with you for as long as it takes to develop what I like to call a “soul sketch” of the deceased.  A soul sketch is not a summary of a person’s life with all their accomplishment’s listed, but rather an tribute to the meaning of their life and how their life enriched and enlivened our lives and our world.  In planning a funeral service we are not just saying goodbye.  It is a process of distilling the essence of a life.  It is finding that special something a person’s spirit that we can carry forward into our lives as we continue without their living presence.

Colleen Good, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

Colleen Good, Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®

This soul sketch is a portrait of the deceased that creates a context for the rest of the ceremony.  Together we will find the readings, poems, music and rituals that weave the details and nuances of a person’s life, interests, values and accomplishments together into the web that was their life.  Within this web are the relationships that they had with family, friends and colleagues.  These relationships are highlighted by the eulogies and personal remarks that are usually part of the service.

I will write up a complete script for the funeral service with all the elements arranged in order so that you can see and review the entire ceremony.  I will revise this script until we have developed a solid  plan for a truly healing funeral service that is a reflection of their life and the meaning of their life to those around them.

The day of the service, you can rest in full assurance that you have created the very best tribute possible.  I will insure that everything moves smoothly and all the elements are coordinated into a meaningful and powerful ceremony.  You are free to relax and fully participate in the healing and remembering that is the essence of an End of Life Ceremony.


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